Misfit Ray Activity Tracker

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Honest, Wearable, Elegant

Misfit Ray is unobtrusively modern.

5ATM swimproof and showerproof, with months of battery life, you’ll never need to take it off.

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Every Millimeter Counts

...And every tenth of a millimeter. A true labor of love, no team ever worked this hard just to make an aluminum tube… It takes a lot to cram all this technology into such a small package. There needs to be perfect harmony between mechanical, electrical and design.

The aluminum housing allows the device to be only 12mm in diameter; it carries the positive current from the batteries to complete the electrical circuit, negating the need for extra parts or traces adding to the stackup. While the anodized aluminum has a durable finish, it’s not conductive; the inside of the tube is laser-ablated in exactly the right spots to enable electrical current to flow from custom-designed battery contacts.

The plastic insert on the electronics end contains an LDS antenna and is perfectly mated to both the circuit board and the aluminum housing to transfer vibration alerts to the user. Mated to this is an additional housing that forms the other half of the inner plastic body. The specially formulated translucent polycarbonate that perfectly mixes the light from a tricolor LED and is strong enough to act as a bayonet connection for the custom battery holder.