Wear OS Fitness App

When we decided to make the best wrist-first fitness app, we targeted the casual to serious fitness user; someone who wants more than general steps or activity, but isn’t off doing ultra marathons. We found that many existing wrist-based fitness apps did a great job with activity, but ignored the important secondary experiences like controlling music or seeing your location. With the Misfit app, primary and secondary interactions are never more than a touch away.

We created a look and feel that is elegantly beautiful. Designing at-a-glance data views that take advantage of a high contrast OLED allows us to put content first. Knowing that exercise isn’t just about data, we used evocative fitness imagery that encourages the user to get out and be active, while the summary views are both useful and typographically exemplary.

The Misfit app is the most comprehensive fitness app for Wear OS, supporting most activity types. Not all activities are the same, requiring special data views and custom functions. Running/cycling are pretty simple to design around because there are great examples already available, but more niche actives like hiking and swimming required special attention. Swimming, besides needing special views, requires methods to avoid accidental false-touches because of water’s effect on the capacitive touch interface.




Creative Direction, Product Management, User Interface