Misfit Shine 2



  • Product Management
  • Creative Direction
  • Industrial Design
  • User Interface/ User Experience
  • Mechanical Engineering

Always On

Shine 2 is a stunning activity and sleep tracker. The thinnest in the world, it includes an innovative multicolor LED display, a vibrating notification/motivation system, and up to 6 months of battery life. At less than 8mm thick, Shine 2 is an unobtrusive, gorgeous motivational tool.

Modern, Modular, Masterful

Shine 2 is expertly crafted of aircraft-grade aluminum. 12 micro-drilled holes with custom-mixed light diffusion material enable a nonconventional display that shows activity progress, call/text indicators, and even shows the time of day.

Beautiful, Inside & Out

Shine 2 is the world’s thinnest activity tracker. A true collaboration between design, mechanical, and hardware engineering, we asked every component to perform double (and triple) duty. The front housing provides the main structure of the device, while also acting as a capacitive touch panel. The NMT-bonded nylon substructure isolates the bottom housing, which also acts a battery contact and the ground for capacitive touch sensor.

The aluminum housing acts as the main device structure, as well as a capacitive touch-panel.
A nylon substructure affixed by NMT process electrically isolates the upper and lower housings.
Tricolor (RGB) light emitting diodes enable a stunning display.
A piezoelectric micro-motor enables vibrating notifications for calls & texts, as well as movement reminders that help increase daily activity levels.

Customizability for Days

Modularity is inherent to the form of Shine 2. Twin chamfers on each side of the housing create a channel that accepts a variety of accessories, including sporty TPU bands, leather bands, NATO style straps, simple clips, and elegant necklaces. Shine 2 snaps in to every accessory with a satisfying click, and his held in place securely during even the most vigorous of activities.

User Interface

A quick overview of how Shine 2 uses tricolor LEDs to indicate activity progress and time.