“...the most attractive fitness tracker ever made”

David Pierce

A Bold Statement

Activity tracking, distilled. Eschewing ornamentation to form a unique perspective.

Quality Materials

An honest use of materials like Anodized Aluminum and Translucent TPU.

Universally Loved

...and heavily awarded. Numerous accolades for functionality and design, including a GOOD design award and "best wearable CES 2016" from The Verge.



  • Creative Director
  • Product Management
  • Program Management

A bold, personal design statement.

Misfit Ray broke the boring “wrist band” mold of other wearables by combining a bold design statement with hundreds of personalization options. Minimal to the core, Ray packs Activity, Sleep, and Vibrating Notifications into a 12mm x 38mm Anodized Aluminum Tube. For this project, I led development, combining the internal Misfit design team and the MNML design studio based in Chicago to make a once in a lifetime project that’s made hundreds of thousands of people healthier.

Custom Accessories

Making it personal

The best fitness tracker is the one you want to wear. Misfit Ray enables customization through many sporty TPU options, paracord bands, leather, and elegant necklaces.

Anodized Aluminum housing w/ selecting laser-ablation.
TPU w/ unique index ridges that enable one-step sizing and also increase comfort by decreasing the surface in contact with the skin.
Standard 8mm spring bars.
Molded Nylon with LDS antenna.
Rigid-flex circuit board features a vibrating piezoelectric motor and RGB LED for status indication.
Inner housing provides support for PCB and battery contacts. Formed of a special light-diffusing material to properly mix the RGB LED.
Replaceable 393 Button Cell Batteries.
The battery tray is utilizes a robust bayonet mechanism to make the batteries super-easy to install, but extremely secure when closed.
The sizing buckle slides with a satisfying ratcheting action.

Beauty Inside and Out

Precision machining. Gorgeous finishes. State of the art electronics. Meticulous assembly.