Misfit Link App


  • Product Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Art Direction
  • UI/UX
  • Assorted Iconography

Asking More of Your Wearable

Misfit Link is a standalone app that we developed to unlock the functionality of Misfit Flash. Misfit Flash was the first Misfit Activity Tracker with an actual button, and we wanted to explore the ability to use this button in fun and unique ways.

Misfit Link changed the trajectory of Misfit as a company. It opened up pathways connections to the smart home, and helped us learn how wearables can fit into people’s lives as more than just an activity tracker.

Turning an Activity Tracker Into a Smart Button

Turn your Misfit Flash into a light switch, a music remote, a selfie button, or any combination.

Metaphors and Multiples

Because Misfit Flash was a low-cost product, we had a new challenge; customers are likely to buy more than one device. What was once an edge case would now be the norm.

We developed a metaphor that Misfit Link would convert your activity tracker into a smart button that inherited whatever function was assigned. We featured the color of the device prominently and used clear, bright iconography so that the user could identify each device.

It’s worth noting that this kind of functionality doesn’t “just happen”. It takes a clear understanding of the product implications to plan for the future: Firmware needs to know that color identification is important, factories need to program units correctly, and this all has to be communicated to the software over Bluetooth properly every time.