• Creative Direction
  • Industrial Design
  • User Interface

A Technical, Clean, Functional Smartwatch

Misfit Command is a smartwatch that pays homage to horological traditions, while pushing into new and exciting directions. Command delivers the features people expect like activity tracking, sleep tracking, smart notifications, movement reminders, and alarms, in a more traditional body. Despite not looking like a smartwatch, Command still turns heads with a modern, technical style.

Mode Button: Switches between Time, Date, Alarm, 2nd Time Zone, Last Notifications
Misfit Link Button: Assignable Button to Control Your World. Play/Pause Music, “Find My Phone”, Etc.
Activity Progress
Mode Icons
Number Scale; Used for Day of the Month or Seconds
Day Indication
User Interface

Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Using the traditional chronograph as inspiration, Command eschews the expected smartwatch display. We placed the relevant information directly on the dial, and the hands indicate as needed. The controls are simple: the top button changes modes; the bottom button is assignable to functions like playing/pausing your music player or triggering your phone’s camera shutter.