Misfit Bolt Smartbulb

A Bright Idea

With Bolt, users can transform their environment by choosing from millions of color combinations, or create beautiful lightscapes from premade scenes or scenes based on photos they choose. Bolt can also be used in combination with Misfit’s sleep sensing products to gently wake the user with a sunrise simulation during her lightest stage of sleep.

Industrial Design

The Most Beautiful Object You'll Ever Hide

LEDs put out quite a bit of heat, and Misfit Bolt's curving structure puts a new spin on the standard ventilation required for a heat-sink. Despite the complex look of the structure, it's created using a simple two sided die-cast mold.

Light Quality

Stunning Color

Misfit Bolt has incredible color reproduction using a variety of RGB and white LEDs. A high CRI (Color Rendering Index) means natural white light without harsh blue or green overtones.


The Entire Experience

The experience of opening the packaging communicates the feeling of the product. Lifting the matte black upper shell reveals a bold gradation of color, indicating the possibilities held within.



Awards & Mentions
  • Creative Director
  • Product Management

Beautiful, Affordable, Brilliant.

Misfit Bolt represents an affordable, simpler option for getting into the smart home and controlling the world around you. Prioritizing a simple bluetooth connection over complicated hubs and setup makes for an easy smart home entry point.