Staying Ahead of the Trend

Good diabetes management is about spotting trends. A digital logbook allows for easy logging of important diabetes related information like glucose results, meals, and drugs. Trends leap out of the screen in ways paper never could to help the user better manage their diabetes.

Familiarity is Key

Turning the phone to the side unlocks a meal-based history; a modern update to the traditional diabetes logbook. It’s a comfortable, familiar analogue that unlocks the power of digital disease management. Inspired by caregivers physically highlighting logbooks, high and low numbers are automatically color coded to draw attention to patterns.

Sharing is Caring

Traditionally, doctors browse a patient’s glucose meter result-by-result or parse a hand-written logbook to spot trends and make treatment recommendations.  Collaborating with doctors and certified diabetes educators, we created a user-friendly method of communicating numbers via email, enhancing outcomes and enabling better treatment.

So Hip, We Used Cards Before They Were Cool

Having diabetes means juggling a lot of data. Fast-Acting Insulin, Slow-Acting Insulin, Carbohydrates, Pre-Prandiel Glucose, Post-Prandial Glucose, Fasting Results, Stress; each are inputs into a disease that can often be hard to manage. We created an analogue that treated each data point as a card, well before “cards” were a thing. Each card prioritizes the main data point, but also leaves room for drawing connections to other kinds of data, making it easy for the user to draw connections and manage their care better.